Reply To: Getting back into timed test

September 9, 2016 at 5:05 pm #2716
Mike Kim

Hey Ltownsjr —

Hope the pt’s are going okay and hope this gets to you in time to be of use —

In addition to all the usual stuff you’ve heard me say, here are a few thoughts/reminders that come to mind —

1) always try to take as realistically as possible.

2) yes, definitely do give yourself time and chance to answer q’s you should be able to get correct, but don’t slow down too much, and do know that no questions are designed to take a ton of extra time — so, typically, if you are solving a problem well, it should go fast, and if it’s taking a long time, you are having trouble, and going slower isn’t necessarily going to fix it. So, again, do give yourself time, but be careful about wasting time going slow unnecessarily / wasting time on q’s you are going to end up missing anyway.

3) do your best not to get too up about a higher than expected score and not too low about a lower than expected score — in fact, if I were you, I may not score it at all, though I know that’s far easier said than done. Your score right now really doesn’t matter, one way or the other — what’s far more important is that you are improving, getting experience, and developing your own sense of personal authority — speaking of which —

4) Make sure to put a significant gap between your first review of your work (without knowing the right answers) and your second (knowing the right answers) — there is so much to gain by holding off as long as possible on checking that, and so much to gain from working as hard as possible to develop your own internal sense of right and wrong.

5) Finally, l think a lot of the most helpful advice I can give is about reviewing your work — I’ve gotten a couple of other q’s about that recently, so I’ll post a general response about that and link it here when I do so —

Good luck ltownsjr — if you have any follow-up just let me know– mk