Reply To: Logic Games Drills – Timing?

September 4, 2016 at 8:07 am #2664

I appreciate this conversation. It has helped me to realize a few things I didn’t before. However, I have a couple of additional questions as I’m re-reviewing Lesson 10-15 because my first attempts seemed to be not where I need to be getting closer to fully understanding/nearly mastering the fundamentals of diagramming. Plus, I’m not seeing much improvement in my timing and inference chains between reviews. This is worrisome for me.

I trust that later lessons reveal detailed strategy suggestions, but I’m concerned about my lack of fundamentals mastery now, so that I can build additional skill on good fundamentals. I’m so close, but need some sort of extra “umph” to get to where I need to be, and not sure where from, or when, that push comes.

I understand the lesson, but by the time I get to the drills in the lesson, the timing anxiety creeps back in. I know I shouldn’t be as worried about timing, but it’s eating at the back of my mind while I’m trying to remember everything about the diagramming. Any helpful hints to combat timing anxiety?

Also, my ability to see the chain of inferences is lacking. I know I should know something about a rule’s implications, but I can’t think of what it is (I think it is because timing is eating at me). I have made a note to refer back to Mike’s helpful hint list above.

One of Zach’s questions was not addressed: allowable scratch paper on the LSAT. As I understand it, we will be given scratch paper. Is that understanding incorrect? I believe we will be given scratch paper for an essay outline, but is that scratch paper meant for other q’s too? And, how big is the scratch paper?

Or (and), are we allowed to write in the test booklet as often as we like?

I imagine we take the test with a trailing piece of scratch paper, along side the answer sheet. Is this the case?