Reply To: Linking Conditions (Lesson 32)

August 29, 2016 at 11:51 am #2630
Mike Kim

Hi Karlene —

Nice to meet you online and hope you are finding the trainer useful —

The inferences about those who go back come from the statement:

“Of those who did not love the play, none went backstage…”

This tells us that those who did not love the play did not go backstage —

– L -> – B.

This doesn’t prove to us that anything did indeed go backstage. And we never know whether anyone actually went backstage or not.

However, taking the contrapositive of the above, it does tell us that —

If someone did get to go backstage, that person must have been someone who loved the play —

And that can also be connected to some other rules to lead to additional inferences and so on.

I hope that makes sense and clears things up — if I’m the one missing something or if you have follow-up just let me know —