Reply To: Solve for all worlds in grouping games

August 29, 2016 at 11:51 am #2629

Hey, thanks Mike. The studying is goin well. Starting to pick up on timed test tomorrow. However, I’m taking it real slow so that I can be as efficient and accurate as possible.

Yeah, I don’t really rely on it. It was just something I noticed. I did tend to notice that on grouping games which you describe in your book as grouping numbers and/or grouping subsets are very conducive to breaking a game down into sub game boards. (Not all the time, but a lot)

One more thing, I’m having somewhat of a hard time identifying a subset. I know that
one of the easiest ways to identify subsets is to find if there are two separate categories In regards to what they mean or where they should go, but I’m a little confused sometimes. For example, Pt 61 game 1, where is the subset?