Reply To: Logic Games Drills – Timing?

August 17, 2016 at 9:49 am #2432

Mike – thank you for getting back to me!

You’ve definitely addressed a few concerns of mine. I understand that I’m only a little ways into the book – I just wanted to know if the progress that I’ve made, and the issues I’m experiencing, are common for someone this soon.

You mentioned the issue I shared about how I feel diagramming is not working – and your analogy hit the nail on the head. I am confident in the diagramming abilities in your book, and I get them – but like you said, there are just times in which I come across a question and I don’t know what it means for my board without trying to write that new info down. I spoke with someone who used the terms “local” and “global”, and that helped me understand – if I diagram properly, the basic rules (and inherent inferences) themselves will help me see the answer more clearly, without requiring me to draw a new hypothetical board every single time. I think this is where I have issues – when I come across a question, it’s difficult for me to understand the implications of that new condition in terms of the rules I have written down. When a question presents a new condition, I have trouble pinpointing what that condition means among the others. I hope this helps you understand my issue more!

Thank you so much for your help, Mike – I appreciate your advice!