Reply To: PT. 60 game 1 Hybrid games (sequencing and grouping)

August 1, 2016 at 9:27 am #2342

Ahhh gotcha. I don’t think there’s a preferred set way to do it; it just depends on what the question gives you. For instance, Question 4 says K on Friday morning, so I’m going to dig up all of my rules about K, and I don’t care which element those rules relate to. From them, I can see that J is in the morning with Q, so that will be either Wednesday or Thursday morning. That takes care of all of the rules except the middle one: Either N or S is in the morning with R, and the other is in the afternoon with K. Then I just hit the answer choices, and I see that (A) works, as long as S & R are together (keeping Q before N, as per the last rule). But working through the problem, I’m never really thinking about different types of rules; they each give parts of the puzzle, and depending on what the question gives you to work with, either could be more helpful at any given time.