Reply To: PT. 60 game 1 Hybrid games (sequencing and grouping)

July 31, 2016 at 5:57 pm #2339

I love to see questions about Preptest 60, because it was the subject of my first LSAT book! That being said, I’m not sure about your reference to the hybrid aspect of this game. Are you referring to the morning/afternoon thing? If so, personally, I just view that as part and parcel of the sequencing, at least conceptually. The six workshops are all being put in order – Wednesday morning, then Wednesday afternoon, then Thursday morning, etc.

Now, I wouldn’t diagram them like a straight-up sequencing game (that is, one dimensionally), because of the rules that put certain variables either in the morning or the afternoon. Instead, I’d set up a 3×2 grid, much like the answers are laid out in question 1 (and if you’re ever unsure about how to diagram a game, often the layout of the answer choices on an acceptability question will give you a decent idea. I’d do the day’s going across, though, like a calendar. For instance (hope this formats right…)

W. T. F.

Then I’d use vertical blocks for the first two rules, e.g.

J. Or. J
K. Q

(With rectangles around the letters)

That way, the visual representation of the rules in the checklist matches the diagram, which is always a good thing. Hope this helps; let me know if you have follow-questions.


Edit: ok, so the formatting didn’t hold up. In the diagram, move the “M. T. W” an inch to the right, and in the J rule, move the Q about 1/4 inch to the right (so it lines up under the second J).