Reply To: Logic Games–CANNOT be true

July 26, 2016 at 10:15 am #2307

It depends on the question. Sometimes, a simple combination of rules will tell you that an answer is right on is type of question. For instance, take a sequencing game where one rule says that A and B are consecutive (in either order), and another rule tells you that C comes after A. Combining those rules, we can see that C comes after B, also, so “C is second” would be a correct answer on a “cannot be true” (typically abbreviated MBF (Must Be False)) question, and you wouldn’t have to test any answers.

Other times, it’s easier to start by looking at past layouts to eliminate wrong answers (anything that could be true in a valid layout is a wrong answer), and testing remaining answer choices.

If you posted a question or two (just the test number and question, not typing it all in) of this type that gave you trouble, I could give you a more specific, helpful response.