Reply To: Further Inference

July 22, 2016 at 3:57 pm #2293

Ah – of course! I totally misread the inexperienced/experienced rule. I swapped in my mind 2 experienced for 2 inexperienced. Of course, if there were only two inexperienced, then my inference would be correct – but it’s not! Thanks for the reminder to pay closer attention to all my diagramming.

dannypearlberg also brings up another question I have: Is it worthwhile to notate inferences about where elements cannot go? I find this most often in x before y scenarios. For example: There are three elements, A, B, and C in order. B comes before A. Is it worthwhile in this scenario to notate that first position cannot be A, or would that be superfluous/confusing in the long run?

Thanks for the help! Much appreciated that you’re taking time on a Friday afternoon.