Reply To: Introduce Thyself

July 15, 2016 at 4:14 am #2253

1) Who you are — My name’s Dimitris!

2) Where you live — I live in Athens, Greece.

3) What you do in the world (or what you WANT to do ?) — I’m a Greek trainee lawyer (registered with the Athens Bar) working at a law firm in Piraeus, Greece — mainly focused on corporate law, contracts and international arbitration. I have a 4-year law degree and an LL.M. in private international & comparative law, both from Greek Universties. I plan on pursuing a J.D. degree at a top U.S. law school and continue my legal career in the U.S.

4) When you started studying for the LSAT … Or how long you studied from start to final take — I started studying on 18 June and I plan on taking the test in September.

5) A little blurb ? — I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer and I’ve always wanted to live and work abroad. I’m really excited with the whole process of studying intensively for the LSATs and I’m glad I can be a part of such a nice group of ambitious people, helping me go through it. Great to meet you all!