Reply To: Study Focus

July 5, 2016 at 9:29 am #2222
Mike Kim

Hi Laura —

Thanks for trusting in the Trainer and welcome to Lsatters —

I am not an admissions expert but I don’t think the 3 years will hurt you in any way — perhaps someone else who knows more about admissions will read this and can chime in —

In terms of your LSAT prep, I think it’s a bit early to adjust the study proportions — it looks like it may definitely be something you want to look into down the line, but for now I would suggest retaining a balanced amount of time and focus for all three sections —

You may want to consider adjusting your schedule once you get into your drilling practice — if, by that point, you clearly still feel far more comfortable on LG than in LR or RC, you may want to practice more LR and RC —

If you haven’t already, please check ou the free Trainer study schedules to see how you can organize your book and practice work —

Btw, that’s a terrific LG score to start out — that’ll be a huge advantage for you — congrats and excited to see how much better you can get with LG (and everything else as well) —

Take care — let me know if you have any follow-up, or other study q’s that come up along the way — Mike