Reply To: It's not the game type, it's the rules

July 3, 2016 at 7:05 am #2216

Hey there, I was reading through this thread and burst out laughing at Dan’s “Beats the heck out of me…” comment. I too do NOT categorize the games by type when I tutor, and an upside to that is if/when there is a new game type on the LSAT, TTs will be able to just think it through rather than panic at seeing a ‘new’ game.

I also like Mike’s comment about making deductions. One of the steps I emphasize, after you diagram each rule, is ‘squeezing out the inferences’ — ask yourself ‘If all of this is true, what else must ALSO be true?’

It might help to remember that LSAC calls this section Analytic Reasoning, rather than Logic Games, and in analytic reasoning, the skill is to be able to see the parts and how they fit together. I compare doing the LGs to doing a Rubik’s Cube: the more you do (and the more you repeat the same game, even), the quicker you’ll do, b/c you’ll see more quickly how to turn the cube, how to make the parts fit together.