Reply To: Law school funding/fellowship/scholarship…

June 30, 2016 at 9:05 am #2197

Dan –

When you talk about schools being a factor to potential fellowships and scholarships, were you thinking of any particular schools? I’m wondering if you have recommendations or even thoughts of what schools to consider in this process. I don’t know if I would apply to law school in this following year just given the rate of learning curve I have to do reviewing the LSAT. I know that if I take the LSAT now, my score would probably not fall within the range for competitive law programs so I’m hoping that these study materials will be a great investment. More thoughts on that but I’m going to suspend that for now.

Also, I was doing some research on law programs across the nation and I’m noticing a lot of forums/conversations on different tier schools. I’m not sure I understand the context in which tiers are being talked about here, do you know? Is that primarily about rankings or something different?