Reply To: Lesson 15, set 2, question 2 (2015 edition, page 215)

June 20, 2016 at 8:56 am #2076
Mike Kim

Hi Emmanuel — Hope the studying is going well —

The Q stem is asking us to find an answer that, if true, determines for us, with certainty, where every element must go —

Answer choice (E) gives us a XWT trio —

Note that the first diagram forces T to be before W, so we can’t use that — (note that your example had both S and W before T, which violates the fourth rule)

There are a couple of ways to fit XWT into the second diagram, namely: XWTSVR and XWTRSV —

And so since the information given to us in answer (E) doesn’t allow us to figure out where every element must be placed, (E) is not the correct answer.

I hope that clears it up and if u you have any follow-up q’s just let me know! – Best, Mike