Reply To: It's not the game type, it's the rules

June 19, 2016 at 3:49 am #2072

PT 57 game 4 ifor instance is labeled as a sequence grouping game according to 7sage. So when I looked back at a similar type they had PT 50 game 4 as one, and also one in the 20’s I believe. To me the consecutive rule really breaks this game open along with the m rule. To put it simply, I don’t see anything from one of theseother games that draw upon that same inferences. However, I do know several games where he consecutive rule itself has basically yielded the same result. They were not labeled as sequence grouping. Just speaking in general terms, this is something that I’ve seen a lot when focusing on game types. I’m not saying the inferences don’t repeat on some games when you you’re focusing on game types, they just don’t work all the time from what I’ve noticed . It’s kinda confusing from my perspective because you’re taught that they would almost all the time.