Reply To: Human Rights/Social Justice Initiatives

June 15, 2016 at 2:29 pm #2046

The original post was short and brief because I was very lazy at the time of writing it but for the purpose of clarification, I wanted more insight on practicing law within human rights/social justice initiatives. Recently, I attended a session focused on the increasingly problematic issue of human trafficking where human rights attorney/judges were asked to convene and comment on their experiences working within the legal system. Many of the professionals articulated a high degree of frustration with the process because in their words, “some of the perpetrators are the ones sitting behind the bench”. How do we make peace with that? I make peace with it by trying to change it every day but it would be a lie to say that it doesn’t get exhausting when justice is not served. Many of the people who need protection are primarily from under-served and marginalized communities who are also disadvantaged, under privilege and at-risk. In other words, money talks. I sure as hell don’t have money and I know my client(s) don’t either. I also know that public defenders have a million cases, no time, and their salary is most likely not a match (to their duties and responsibilities). As a result of that, many friends (who were once in pursuit of becoming public defenders) have chosen otherwise.

What are your thoughts? Although I strongly believe that a law degree will gave me the capacity to initiate and pursue legal actions in an effort to protect my clients, I don’t believe the process in of itself is enough to transform a system that has historically benefited people with power (and money).
Anyways, I am just blabbing now.