Reply To: Diagramming Logic Games With LSAT Trainer.

June 15, 2016 at 11:32 am #2042

Game 4: Again on the answer to the first question I’m confused as to how Mike immediately jumps to the answer G,L,N. This doesn’t appear to violate the rules of the diagram. L and N are together and either F or G can go with JL so that leaves us with G,L,N being ok. I see how it doesn’t map on to the diagram he created but that doesn’t explain how it violates the rules. Dumbfounded at these leaps in logic with no explanation.

That basically leaves me with no foundation on which to base my answer for question 2.

On Game 5, I do not understand the diagram on the bottom line whatsoever. I have no idea how he drew these inferences from the rules for the diagram beginning with J. H/P in second. No idea where that came from. L/O in third. Why? H/P in fifth. No idea. O/L in the last positions. Sure. No idea how he got here.