Reply To: Mike's Riddles

June 12, 2016 at 9:30 pm #1996

Straight-up math with numerous applications, including one of my favorites. Let me just say that no good serious bridge player would miss that one (and it’s a great one, Mike).

No spoilers from me, though.

But on a related note…I roll two (6-sided) dice behind a screen with the agreement that as soon as a “1” comes up on (at least) one of the dice, I’ll reveal a die with a “1” showing. When that happens, I ask you if you’d like to bet on whether or not the other die also shows a “1”. Of course, since there are more “non-1s” than “1s,” I’ll have to give you money odds. And the fair (breakeven) odds for me to give you are…?

From the straight-up math to the straight-up physics:

You and a brick are in an inflatable raft, floating in a swimming pool. You toss the brick overboard, and it sinks to the bottom of the pool, without damaging the integrity of the pool. Does the water level in the pool go up ever-so-slightly, go down ever-so-slightly, or remain exactly the same?

And lastly, a little straight-up geography:

You’re in a balloon, directly over the center of Detroit, Michigan. You start to travel due south. What’s the first foreign country you’ll pass over?

Speaking of traveling due south…Straight-Up Geography, Part Deux:

You’re out hiking. You travel a mile due south. Then you travel a mile due west. Then you travel a mile due north. You find yourself exactly where you started.
Keeping it 2-dimensional (i.e. you’re on the surface of the earth, not floating above or tunneling below it)…How many points on the globe are there where you might be?