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June 11, 2016 at 3:07 pm #1986
  1. You might wanna consider an instructional book first, that helps a lot in terms of the very basic things.
  2. As far as the set up goes,(creating ur diagram, drawing the rules, etc.) you just have to learn from repetition. Keep doing the games over and over again. For 90 percent of the time (maybe more),they test your ability to understand grouping  and sequencing relationships. The set up is actually the easy part once you’ve gotten use to it. Now inferences are harder to figure out, but you should be able to determine the one or two rules that really impact a game the most. Center your understanding around those rules. Most of the time, the rules that have the most impact on the game will have the most variables attached to it. Also, visualize putting the game pieces on the board if you can. Focus on those rules you think are most important to the game and just try to think about applying the rules, and how they would interact. Sometimes  you won’t be able to visualize the pieces as well as you would like and In those cases you should go ahead and begin the questions. Some deductions are hard to see and just require you to just work on the game. You can do it. You should also be attempting similar games from older tests, that will help as well to get quicker at recognizing how quickly diagram your rules and setup. Again, that’s really the part you should get better at really quickly once you’ve begun to drill similar types of games, so you can have more time in working out the problems and figuring out inferences. I’m sure Mike, Dan, or another instructor will be able to give you some very specific advice! I just wanted to give my perspective as a student. Hope it helps.<span style=”line-height: 1.8;”>. </span>