Reply To: 3 Suggestions for Summer Reading (+ a bonus)

June 10, 2016 at 11:58 am #1980
Mike Kim

Hey Dan — it really is starting to get creepy how alike we are — I was also an English major, and I also had a career as a writer and with writers (in the film industry) before I got into the LSAT business, and I also have a closet full of unfinished fiction — I also admit that the younger version of myself would have been one of those people who would turn my nose up at Stephen King.

BTW, the best LSAT “natural” I’ve ever seen is a guy named John Beer, who briefly taught at Manhattan — not coincidentally, he happens to be a respected poet.

Thanks so much for adding the “Reading Like a Writer” recommendation — the Amazon description for it looks awesome and I’ve already ordered a copy for myself — mk