Reply To: Anyone here in their late 30s or 40s?

June 6, 2016 at 8:51 pm #1968

Hey, I’m rapidly approaching 44 in September. Don’t give up if law school is your dream and you are driven. I took the LSAT 3 times and did not perform well. That won’t stop me though, I won’t let a standardized test defeat me. I’m in my ┬ásecond year of my MBA and doing really well. This is my second career, I was a long distance truck driver for 20 years and was permanently disabled in an oil field accident in March 2013.┬áThe silver lining is that I was able to earn my undergrad while recovering and I graduated Magna Cum Laude. I never thought I’d ever go to college, much less take the LSAT or be halfway through B-School. I’m not giving up, so don’t you give up either! Age is just a number!

God say’s to do what you can with what you have and he will do the rest. He put your dreams and your desires of your heart there. I’ll be praying for you all!