Reply To: 2 Weeks before the test in desperation

May 31, 2016 at 10:46 am #1939

Hi Marco,

I’m with you, going to practice my game skills and do the last 3 tests, 75, 76, 77 before Monday. If you want to text me, my number is 813-784-7810, we can share notes after practice sessions if you have time. Absolutely, go out with your friends, sometimes coming back gives you a new perspective. Being in ‘lockdown’ causes stress for me anyway. Which is your dream law school? What kind of law do you want to practice? I’m only interested in criminal law, my heroes are Clarence Darrow and Alan Dershowitz. Hope to hear from you!

Hi Mike, yes, thank you for all your support and I’m sure I’ll be checking in during the week. Actually did the grosbeaks and the shrikes, haha, I STILL can’t see how jays and shrikes could be in the forest at the same time but maybe it will dawn on me later on. The arena in Ben-Hur IS the way I picture the chariot races. One day we’ll have to do a compare/contrast between Ben-Hur and Gladiator. Wish we all lived closer together, we need a ‘game night’ ala Trivial Pursuits’ using LSAT material along with movie trivia. OK, you can see I’m digressing… to logic games practice.