Reply To: Assumption (Nec) questions PT 63 VERSUS PT 64

May 28, 2016 at 8:28 am #1927

I think the best tipoff that that’s the kind of argument structure you’re dealing with is when you see terms repeated, such as “Garden Path” and “flawed” in this one.  Especially coupled with the “if” sentence that we have.  But remember, there are also conditional statements that don’t have “if” triggers, or even “unless” or “only” triggers.  For instance, categorical statements.  “Cats are mammals” is a statement that is logically equivalent to the more obviously conditional, “If an animal is a cat, then it is a mammal.”  As such, “Cats are mammals” (which implies “ALL cats are mammals”) has a contrapositive: Anything that is not a mammal is not a cat.  So there are effectively conditional statements all over the place, including in this particular question.