Reply To: 2 Weeks before the test in desperation

May 23, 2016 at 5:19 pm #1908

Hi Marco,

Your story sounds exactly like mine. Although I’m not usually a slow reader, I find I MUST slow down for accuracy. It is very discouraging for a Summa Cum Laude undergraduate to get a 141 on the LSAT! Yeah, I took it in February after studying the Kaplan book but once I got into that test room I went into panic mode. I know that I’m more thoroughly prepared now after the LSAT trainer and the LRB, still going through the LGB, just finished Mike’s ‘The Mastery Challenge’ game section and I feel STUPID. But, but, but, we still have 2 weeks and I do think that drilling will help improve our scores, you just might get close to that 170. Like you, I’m coming in at 158. Too bad you don’t live in Tampa, we could study!

MIKE, HELP US!!! Only you can.