Reply To: 2 Weeks before the test in desperation

May 23, 2016 at 1:13 pm #1904

My original goal was a 170, ambitiously wanting to apply to Columbia law school. I’m a Junior (technically now a senior) and have a 3.71 GPA. 158 has been the highest score (for the past three tests) and I started with a diagnostic of 140. I chose to self study.

I’ve studied now close to 20-30 hours a week about every week since January (didn’t go on spring break or anything). I was able to give this much time because I took time off the internship I worked at the Florida Capitol and a job as an ambassador of my university for the entire semester (I used to work both). That way I could study for this exam and also focus on my classes.

I’ve gone through the LSAT trainer, Powerscore LR and LG bibles, and now currently have taken to 7sage for some extra points, but to no avail.

LR is definitely my weakest section since it is half the test. I miss about 8-10 per section on average, but this varies and sometimes I’ll only miss 4 or 5. The question types here are all over the place, so I can’t pin it down to just a few question types and drilling them over and over, because then I’d just be doing the whole section.

I’ve read all the info, I know the stuff, I know the logic (I’m a philosophy major), its just a matter of execution under timed conditions. I was already originally (still am, I suppose) a slow reader and I know the test won’t reward that. So it only makes it more difficult to read, understand, and analyze these stimulus’ and answer choices in 35 minutes. The time constraint is my biggest issue; its just not enough time to go through it and do as well as I want to.

I originally planned to take it now in June because if I didn’t do well I could take it again in September and I could apply still to Columbia for early admissions.

I think thats about everything relevant to this story! — The most disappointing thing is that the 4 hours of this exam will determine where I go to law school although I’ve given it my best effort.

This score is not the result of lack of studying or time of preparation or knowledge I’m missing. I really don’t know what else to do at this point, which is why I posted on this forum to see if anyone else has any last bit of hope for my score!