Reply To: 2 Weeks before the test in desperation

May 23, 2016 at 12:38 pm #1902

You probably have to give a little more info for help from some people, such as…

  • how much studying / prep time have you put into the LSAT so far? for this preparation?
  • is this score where you started or where did you start? have you scored higher?
  • what sections are you getting most of your questions wrong on? is it a specific question or game type?
  • what is your target score / school that you would be happy attending?

There are people better equipped to advise you here than I am, but they will be able to help more if they are provided with more information.  My guess is that you could consider delaying until September, or relax and just take it.  You may do better, and, if not, it can provide you better insight as to how the actual test is.  IIRC, schools don’t really care that much about multiple takes…especially if it’s only two.  Two weeks is [realistically] probably too short of a time frame to see a marked improvement unless it’s one or two very specific things that are really hurting you.