Reply To: What are best LR and LG drills for the last 2 weeks before test?

May 22, 2016 at 12:59 pm #1893

Dear Mike,

Thank you so much, yes I do see the big picture of Drew’s flowers and I’m always relieved when I hear a logical explanation of why I didn’t see it in the first place. But I doubt I’d have the time during a test to reason something like that out in 1 minute, 20 seconds. Those questions are rare, (at least I hope they will be rare on the June test). I am feeling far more confident using the LR drill tool and just going over your LG chapters. I finally understood SOME of the birds in the forest game in Lesson 21. I’m trying to figure out how jays and shrikes can be together in question 9. But I’m encouraged because that game threw me the first time I saw it.

You’re the best!