Reply To: What are best LR and LG drills for the last 2 weeks before test?

May 18, 2016 at 6:04 pm #1864
Mike Kim

Hey Carmen —

In terms of the q’s — the PDF will offer the easiest way to print and the best print out in terms of organization etc. — you can just open it and hit print — if instead you want to just print the webpage you are on, you can either right-click and hit print, or do a screen-capture, which on a mac you do by simultaneously hitting command-shift-and 4, which will then bring out crosshairs you can adjust (not sure how to do it on a non-mac, but you can just google screen-capture) —

In terms of getting ready for test day —

Overall, I strongly recommend that you focus on taking full, ideally fresh, exams between now and test day — if you’ve already used up the ones you have, you can buy individual ones from Amazon for about $7 each — here’s a link to the latest published exam —

And if you want some tips on taking those final pt’s, please take a look at the review sections in the Trainer, and also this post, if you haven’t seen it already.

You may already know/be thinking of all that but just thought I’d mention it.

In terms of potential drill, I recommend focusing on areas that are going to fundamental to your success on test day, and, specifically, areas that can help you get off to a good start on individual problems, games, or passages —

For LR — go through past sections you’ve done, just looking at question stems — make sure you understand each question stem, and that appropriate strategies come to mind for each question stem you look at. Take note of the ones where you aren’t sure of what they are asking or how you might go about solving that type of q, and review.

For LG — go through past sections you’ve done, simply looking at each scenario and set of rules and visualizing how you might diagram that game and each rule. Go ahead and write out these diagrams if you’d like. Take note of game situations/rules where you have trouble visualizing what you ought to do, and review those areas.

For RC — go through past sections you’ve done, just reading passages — make sure you feel like you have certain set LSAT RC reading habits, and make sure, for each passage, that you feel comfortable seeing its reasoning structure correctly. For extra credit, try any main purpose q’s to make sure your overall understanding is strong.

That’s it — I’m excited for you and wish you the best on the test — hope those suggestions help — Mike