Reply To: LSAT Trainer Drills

May 17, 2016 at 9:04 pm #1853

1] & 2] Understood & appreciated.  I was just getting a bit worked up trying to go through it.

3] Totally understood & appreciate the clarification.  From what you’ve said, it is a puzzle != piece type situation.  I didn’t interpret it as such, but I can totally see how what you’ve stated is the correct way to interpret it.  I just took salaries to be the plural of salary whereas salaries here is to mean payroll or something synonymous with that.

Thanks!  Just so I know, am I okay to post questions from the trainer here or do you prefer that I reference them as I did here?  I’m running under the assumption that I can’t post LSAC questions here and, if so, I should just reference them by like Practice Test ## Section ## Question ##