Reply To: Nervous about 6/6 exam, should I postpone?

May 17, 2016 at 6:07 pm #1852

Hi Mike! Thank you for your suggestions. I’m pretty clear on RC and on most LR strategies. But time suckers, (as you cleverly call them) are one of my downfalls. For example, PT 64, LR S.3, Q. 20..Principle/Justify Reasoning…that takes more than the 80 seconds using the conditional reasoning formula. And PT 64, LR S.1, Q.20, that one still baffles me! “Must be true” are usually clear to me but that videoking D answer just isn’t clear. Or maybe I’m getting tired?

Again, I think I mentioned this before, I’ve already done PT 62-71 and I even remember certain answers which helps my time….but I often miss the same questions I did the first time around because A. I don’t read carefully or B. They are time-suckers so I rush.

In LG, the easier linear games are clearer since I use strategies in your book. Now, time suckers like the stained glass window, the mannequins (in your book), PT 62, LG S.2, q. 18-23, the boxes with r,g,w, balls LOOKS easy but isn’t. These are the problems that will throw me. I’m still trying to sharpen LR skills, then I’ll see how far I get with LG. I really don’t want to postpone, just thought I’d see how other students out there are doing.

After reading your book and supplementing with the Logical Reasoning Bible, I do feel I’ve gotten better, but does anyone really ever feel confident? Since I’m now coming in at 158, I believe I can get a 160, maybe even 165. As Paul said in one of his letters, “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.” Well, I have Jesus and Mike Kim. Can’t miss with a combination like that. OK, this is a long reply, sorry! Going back to PT, tick, tick, tick.