Reply To: Prep test 63 RC Passage 3 #18 (ocean magnetism)

May 17, 2016 at 2:08 pm #1850

If I could, I want to just push back on a little on what you said . (BTW I totally realize that I’m questioning an LSAT GIANT LOL) I believe that’s what I do in respect to the larger conclusion of the entire passage. I always think about the structure and how they relate to the larger point of the passage. However, it seems that I get lossed in the generality of it all. I’ll say somthing like this is support, this is the point of the paragraph, this is just background and context.  By the time I’m heading into an according to the passage question, It’s almost like I don’t really know what good that has done. So I guess other than the fact that the evidence said “mineral”, I don’t understand what about the general passage structure  led you thinking “ah ha..the first paragraph is where to go for the question”. It seems to me as if you relied more on your memory of where the word mineral was than the overall structure of the passage.  My question above came from the belief that maybe identification questions come from the evidence part of a passage more times than not, but maybe not. Maybe I’m just overthinking, which I tend to do lol. In any case, thank you for the time. You could be doing something else instead of taking the time to answer ALL of my overthought questions lol.