Reply To: Logical Reasoning Bible, 2008 edition, Evaluating an Argument, Numbers and Perce

May 12, 2016 at 2:58 pm #1830
Mike Kim

Hi Carmen —

In general, there was a bit more variation to the q stems on those previous exams, but all question types are related to one another, and, when you get a twist, it tends to be a variation on something more common —

There are a few different types of q’s that could involve the phrase “evaluate the argument” — so not sure if I can help you there — if you want to write out the entire stem I can help out —

The second stem, “If Argument is true, it would undermine which of the following,” can be considered a variation (or flip side) of “If argument is true, it most supports which of the following?” — it is an unusual q, but again, it can be understood as a twist on something more common, and it’s the type of twist you can expect on newer tests as well —

We are basically being asked to find an answer the argument directly counters, and so we can expect that —

  • some wrong answers will likely not actually be directly related to the argument (I would expect this of the majority of choices)
  • some wrong answers to be consistent with, and supported by, the argument
  • and the right answer to specifically go against┬áthe information given in the argument.

Hope that helps — by the way, for q’s from tests 29 forward, you can use the questions by type tool — to look up unusual stems to see what category they belong to or how they relate to more common q types — Mike