Reply To: Expanding the 16-Week Schedule

April 13, 2016 at 10:11 am #1721

Hey Mike,

So, I’ve taken my diagnostic exam and am now plowing through the lessons (about to finish 9). While taking the test, I felt like I was getting my butt kicked, but ended up doing OK. Still nowhere near I want to be. Especially when it came to Logic Games. I really failed on getting those done after the basic ordering questions, although my diagrams were mostly on-point. They took me forever to finish. Hoping I can improve on these, but wanting to focus on Logical Reasoning for now, per the schedule.

The other thing that was pretty tough on the diagnostic was lack of stamina. I really ran out of steam, and I’m sure it hurt my score.

I want to start reviewing the LR questions I got wrong on PT 62. I was wondering: Are Graeme Blake’s explanations similar enough to your approach that it won’t hinder my learning process? I just want to be careful that, here in the beginning, I’m not getting conflicting methods. I like the Manhattan forums, but they seem to not be consistent enough. I like that Blake is a single source approaching it all.

Thanks Mike! Here’s to hoping I can improve 🙂