Reply To: Extreme Links — HELP

April 12, 2016 at 4:09 pm #1715
Mike Kim

Oldies solutions

  1. Y. We get this from combining first two statements.
  2. Y. We know there is at least one unhealthy dish on special, and all dishes on special come with the customer’s choice of fries or soda.
  3. N. We know stuff about specials on the chalkboard, but not about other things that might be on the chalkboard.
  4. Y. We know that all specials on the board, and some of these specials are unhealthy.
  5. N. See #3.
  6. N. Tempting, but we don’t have enough info to infer this. The board could have a majority of healthy dishes and still satisfy the given rules.
  7. N. We don’t have info that allows us to make this inference about healthy dishes.
  8. Y. We know most dishes are offered on special, and all that is offered on special goes on the board — this is enough to infer that most dishes go on the board.
  9. Y. Since we know that the specials constitute the majority of total dishes, and all specials are on the board, there is no way the number of non-specials on the board can be greater.
  10. N. We don’t know about the exact overlap between dishes that are unhealthy and those on special, and so we can’t guarantee this inference.