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April 12, 2016 at 9:26 am #1705
Mike Kim

Cheaters Q Solutions

A big key here is to recognize that we know of one combination (W & B) that leads to public adoration, but we don’t know anything about any other ways of getting public adoration.

1. Y. All winners win and never brag, so all winners have characteristics sufficient to get adoration from the public.

2. N. We don’t know what else might lead to adoration and we aren’t told any reason why cheaters can’t get adoration.

3. N. Again, we know of one way to get adoration, but that need not be the only way — maybe a braggart can be adored by the public for other reasons.

4. N. For same reasons as above 2 problems – we don’t know of other ways to get public adoration.

5. Y. We know cheaters dream of winning, and they never get to win, so we can infer that they don’t get to do everything they dream of doing.

6. Y. All winners dream of winning, and all winners win, and so they all get to do something they dreamed about.

7. N. Not bragging doesn’t guarantee victory.

8. N. We only know of two things they dream of ¬†— winning and bragging about it — and we know they don’t get to do these things.

9. N. We know of some people — winners — who dream about bragging but are also adored.

10. Y. All winners dream of bragging, and yet they all don’t do it — thus all winners don’t get to do something (bragging) they dream about doing.