Reply To: The LSAT Trainer – Lesson 5 – Flaw Drill (p.75)

April 6, 2016 at 8:03 pm #1672

Hi Mike,

This is really good advice, thank you! I have to admit my tendency to fall down into that out-of-scope “rabbit hole”. For now, the line between thoughts guiding one to the true understanding of what LSAT requires and the thoughts that lead one to what LSAT is uninterested in seems a little blurry to me. I think that as I keep on reading your book I’ll be able to train myself to feel this line better.

I totally hear you when you say that LSAT is tough not because it requires knowledge of rocket science but because it requires knowing which one(s) of the several simple skills to use + when to use them + how to use them for maximum effect, all while the clock is ticking. I’ll keep on doing the drills and wait for my persistence to pay off!

— Alex