Reply To: The Trainer & Powerscores?

April 1, 2016 at 10:16 am #1648
Mike Kim

Hey Marcos —

“Might make or break my decision” — that’s a lot of pressure! —

Alright — here are my thoughts —

1) If the Trainer system works for you and helps you feel comfortable with the test, I feel that drilling is where it’s at —

I think of myself very much like a coach, and I can help show you what to do, but, in order to get better, you have to actually practice, in the way that Steph Curry has to practice — drilling is where you convert what you’ve learned into your skillset and your habits, and so if you feel ready I absolutely recommend you move on to focusing on drill work, and, if you are going to overinvest time in any one area of your prep, drilling (and review of your drill work) is the area I’d recommend for most students.

2) Review will be fundamental to how much you get out of your drilling / how much you improve, and if you feel, during your review, that other study resources might be useful, than I would suggest that maybe that’s when you consider also taking a look at Powerscore or anything else —

The ability to review well will, in large part, determine how much your score goes up. It’s the same 100 q test given over and over again — so, if you are able to learn from your mistakes, there is no reason your score shouldn’t improve. And if you are struggling to improve, chances are that there are issues in terms of how you review your work (or the issue is that you don’t review your work). So, I definitely think it’s worthwhile to spend tons of your prep time reviewing, and it’s very important to constantly try to get better and better at reviewing.

And part of that review is being extremely disciplined and neurotic about being certain of what you truly know/have mastered vs what you don’t/haven’t. And, when you find you need help, I hope the Trainer is sufficient to give you what you need, but, if you think an alternative voice might be useful, I think at that point you should certainly be open to also looking at other resources —

So that’s what I suggest — but you know yourself best, and as always feel free to ignore me if you’d like, and also feel free to change things up during your study process if something just isn’t working the way you planned — whatever u do, you can always see what I think and I’ll be happy to help as best I can —