Reply To: Words that indicate guarantees

March 31, 2016 at 6:21 am #1642

Thank you for responding me Mike! 🙂

Your explanations are wonderful and enjoyable to read even though they are LSAT related.

Like what you said, I never imagined myself emailing someone about IS…

I have a few questions though.

You wrote:

“You can only drive if you are sixteen or over.” Notice that in this case the guarantee is that if someone drives, that person must be 16 or over. We call being 16 or over a “necessary condition” because it is the part that needs to be true for the statement to work.


Do you mean ONLY IF instead of if?

And my other question is would it be correct to treat tends to as IS?    Ex) “Blair tends to sing a lot”    =       B –>S

Or do I need to put a most sign like what some people do?    Ex) B–most–>S

I’m not sure if tends to can be treated as IS because there is no 100% guarantee.