Reply To: Should I Save Practice Tests for September

March 19, 2016 at 12:32 pm #1605
Mike Kim

Hey Jordan —

I think it’s smart to plan ahead for the possibility of a retake — the reasons why (i’m sure you are aware of these) include the fact that —

1) schools only care about your highest score

2) the test itself has some standard deviation (so, you could perform exactly the same on two different exams and end up with slightly different scores) and

3) a small difference in score can have a big impact on which schools you get into/amount of scholarship $ you get, etc. —

To me, it’s kind of the equivalent of being at the free throw line, after time has expired, with the score tied, and three chances to get a free throw in and win the game — great to get it done with the first attempt, but you definitely want to make sure to take full advantage of all your opportunities —

So with all that said —

One simple way to organize the tests is to use 52-71 for all of your June prep. Then, should you need to prep again for Sept, you have 72-78 avail as fresh pt’s, and earlier exams (you’ll probably want to use the PT 29-38 book put out by LSAC) — for additional drilling —

If you are using the Trainer, I offer free schedules that split up various combinations of those exams for you into drill assignments and pt’s — you can find the schedules here —

Alternatively, if you’d prefer, you can —

a) substitute in some of the more recent exams for some of the older ones, so that, for example, maybe you try pt’s 76 and 77 as your final PT’s before June —

b) switch out or add q’s/pt’s for drilling and pt work should you want to do more or less than the 20 total exams I mentioned

c) if you aren’t studying with the trainer, you can use these free tools to easily make your own study schedule/create your own drill sets —

It’s totally fine to reuse tests and I encourage you to do that during your prep, but at the same time, should you need to study for Sept, I definitely do think you’ll appreciate having some fresh recent exams to work with —

HTH and good luck — MK