February 13, 2016 at 8:46 am #1517

This is so awesome, I’m glad my story could help you out Justice. I’m still in the battle, but I def. feel confident. I haven’t been around much because I’ve been taking a break from the LSAT dealing with other things like my health. However, I’m about to really get going again. Since my last post I’ve taken my first timed test. I scored a 152! That’s around the highest I’ve ever got on a timed test, and the mistakes that I could easily address/correct would have yielded me at least 5 more points at a minimum.(misunderstanding a rule to one game, misreading the text of the stimulus, etc.) The key really is to completely understand what you know, and completely understand what you DONT!  I will say the credit for this post goes to Mike. I really didn’t want to post it,because frankly,  it was a little embarrassing to me. I had never put so much effort into something and gotten little to no results before. This was originally just a private message to Mike, but he told me that some students go through the same problem, and he encouraged me to post it in the public forum. Again, I’m really glad this could help you out, but most of the credit  really goes to you putting in the effort! I hope we both see continued improvement!