Reply To: February or June LSAT

January 25, 2016 at 11:14 pm #1393

Hi Mike,

Unfortunately, I did it again. I am completely burnt out and I am scheduled to take the February LSAT! The worse part is that I am still unsure about certain games and question types.  Let me give you a little history: I started studying in March 2015 and I took the June 2015 LSAT.  I have many books and online courses to reference: The Trainer, Powerscore, Manhattan, every Official  LSAT Preptest, two paid self study online courses, etc. Initially (in 2015), I studied primarily from one of the paid online courses and used the Trainer as a supplement. I studied approximately three to four hours a day M-F and Sat and Sun, I studied 5 to 6 hours each day. I did this while taking care of a family and working full time. Looking back on the situation, I did not take any practice tests or timed sections because I wanted to master each section, first. However, I did not master anything, maybe understood it better, but thats it! Anyway, a month before the test, I was mentally exhausted and I could not get myself to study. This has never happened.  I lacked the motivation to simply look at anything dealing with the LSAT, despite the fact that the test was right round the corner. When I finally got out of that state of mind and began studying again, I noticed that I had forgotten some of the information that I had learned. Nevertheless, I took the LSAT and did less than stellar.  I re-evaluated what I had done and began studying again in Oct. 2015. To make a long story short (too late), I unintentionally did the same thing, again and burnt myself out. Now the Feb LSAT is right around the corner.

I will say, that in Jan 2016, I began studying the Trainer exclusively and I saw more progress in a short period of time. But now I am burnt out and it has been a week since I opened a book. I am also not 100% confident about this test. Putting law school off for another year is not an option, so I am thinking about changing to the June 2016 test because the schools I am apply will accept them. My questions are: 1) Would you advise me on how to master an LSAT section without burning myself out?, 2) Should I start your 16 week program or just study certain question types?, and 3) When following the study schedule, when and how often should I review the previous studied sections (for retention purposes). Your help is desperately needed! Thanks.