Reply To: Schedule for full time workers?

April 2, 2018 at 4:54 pm #136136
Mike Kim

Hi David,

Great to have you here and thanks for trusting in the Trainer — I wish you the very best with it —

In terms of your q’s, —

1) I think your time allocation is solid — one thing to keep in mind that the drills will be a bit more inconsistent in length (just by nature of how often different q types show up, etc.).

2) I suggest students go into their prep planning to take the test as many times as necessary to get the score they want to get — I know this goes against your goal of taking only once — a couple of reasons I mention this —

a) only your highest score counts, so you might as well give yourself as many chances at bat as possible

b) the test is imperfect, and you could perform exactly the same on two different days and get two different scores —

So, you certainly want to be as prepared as possible before you take an official test, but I also think it’s helpful to keep the above in mind.

3) In terms of your plan to go through the schedules twice — it’s an interesting decision — it is not what I would generally recommend, but, at the same time, I think it can work out great, so, if you think it’s the best move for you, I definitely think it’s worth a shot —

The big thing to keep in mind is that the schedules are designed to take you from the beginning of your prep process to the end, meaning they, amongst other things, they —

a) go from fundamental to specific
b) go from somewhat easier to somewhat harder
c) go from more book learning to mix of book learning and drilling to more drilling to more practice tests–

So, in general, I would suggest stretching out one schedule to fit in all of the time you have to prep.

If you go through two schedules, you are basically repeating the beginning-to-end process twice —

As I mentioned earlier, I think that can actually work out great, and if you want to try it go for it —

The one big thing to keep in mind is that regardless of how you prep, as you get closer and closer to test day, you want to focus more and more on taking full exams — so, if you do choose to go the 16 then 8 route, you’ll probably want to adjust that 8 schedule a bit to get in a bit more pt work than it calls for / so you can spend more of your time right before the exam on pt’s —

HTH and good luck with your studies — one thing you’ll find is that the schedules are very flexible, so, if you start off one way and want to adjust things, you’ll see that it should be very easy to do so —

And get in touch if you need me —