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March 31, 2018 at 8:12 am #136135

Hey Mike –

Thank you for this great tool! My question is similar to Sabina’s. I work full time, but doing shift work. I have been out of school for number (10) of years. My standardized test game is rusty. With that, working straight through week-to-week does not work with my schedule. I have a number of days were I am doing an AM/PM session. This will allow me to keep roughly in-line with the weekly targets. I am blocking 60-90m per lesson and 90-120m per drill. Knowing that some may be quicker and some longer. So on days with AM/PM sessions I am looking at possibly 3+hrs of work/study. With the test days being longer. Is that time allocation for drills/lessons pretty accurate?

My plan is this: Starting today work through the 16week program with Its 52-71. I have built in wiggle room and with that I should complete the 16 week 20 PT program by 1-July.

From there, I plan to work thought the 8 week plan using PT 72-81. That gives about 9 or 10 weeks, provided I don’t go way over on the first 16 program – to review the material really tidy up my skills/drills and efficiency along with taking the newer tests closer to the real deal.

My thoughts are, a big steady learning block with the first 16 weeks and 20 PT, then really sharpen the axe in the final 8 weeks to smash on test day. And by test day have worked thought all the available PT.

The plan is to take the LSAT one time.

Thanks for your time, be well, david

planning week-to-week has to be moved around. I am taking the Sept 2018 LSAT, and as of today, 31-March that gives me 23 weeks.