Reply To: Introduce Thyself

January 17, 2016 at 2:46 pm #1355

1) Who you are – Hi! I’m Tristan
2) Where you live – Dallas, TX (Shout out to Nicole! ;-D) Though I wish I lived in SoCal. Moved there after undergrad for two years and have missed it ever since!
3) What you do in the world (or what you WANT to do) After 6 years working in Human Resources I switched career paths to Public Relations (again shout out to Nicole! We must be twins 🙂 I never lost an interest in HR Law and when a friend got unlawfully terminated after becoming pregnant, my passion for law multiplied times 1 billion (if we’re being specific). My goal is to attend Yale Law School as they are the top public interest program in the nation and become a labor and employment lawyer or a public defender. I also would not be opposed to politics in the future.
4) When you started studying for the LSAT … Or how long you studied from start to final take I began studying in January 2016 with plans to take the LSAT in June or October (depends on how well I get my achilles heal -the Logic Games section- down)
5) A little blurb ? I have just finished the first intro to the LG section of the Trainer and have seriously contemplated jumping off a cliff. I have faith things will get better from here 🙂 I love eating (particularly foods of the vegetarian and vegan nature), hiking, the arts, a great movie and reading in coffee houses that aren’t Starbucks 😛