Reply To: February or June LSAT

December 30, 2015 at 6:56 pm #1135

Just to reiterate some points already made. Generally I am a strong advocate that more time will always be useful and your score will go up if you continue to study for longer periods of time. The only reason you’d “forget” concepts is if you just stopped continually studying between February and June. However, it does sound from what your saying that you will probably be ready to write in February. But, keep in mind you still have some time to decide if you want to cancel or defer your test. You can get a partial refund up until January 12. And even though you’ll lose your fee you can even cancel the night before the test. So if as the February test approaches and you don’t feel ready you can always cancel then. Only you will know if you are ready or not. But if you do want to attend law school for fall 2016 then you should try to keep your February test date 🙂