Reply To: February or June LSAT

December 29, 2015 at 4:18 pm #1124
Mike Kim

Hi Kelly,

Great q — you definitely fit into a gray area where it’s tough for me to say you should certainly take in Feb or June — but here are some thoughts to help you work through it —

1) In terms of a goal score, there are practical considerations (score you need in order to go to the school you want) and “in a perfect world” considerations (you should try to score as high as you possibly can, no matter what you may need in order to get into your goal schools)

2) there are also, of course, timing considerations — waiting until June means, among other things, perhaps delaying law school for a year (unless you were taking Feb with plan of applying in the fall)

3) in terms of your goal score, being at the low end of it, at this stage of the game, is great, and, as long as you’ve built a solid foundation, I expect your score to go up in the weeks ahead, hopefully to the point that you can go into the exam very confident you can achieve your goals.

4) it’s also not uncommon for logic games to better click for students at around this stage in your study process, and it may be possible for you to perhaps just spend a few extra days or a week or getting additional LG work in to get to a better place.

5) so, per all those thoughts, if you want to rev up for Feb I think, per what you’ve told me, that you are in a great place to do so.

6) if you do want to work on LG, what I would suggest (in addition to all the advice given by others) is that you start by reviewing the lessons you’ve already learned and the work you’ve already done. Go through all the games you’ve played and see how strong a big picture sense you can get of all that can happen in games, and how you should lay out basic diagrams. Go through all the rules you’ve seen and study the ones you weren’t comfortable diagramming and try to address those issues, etc. You may find some of the suggestions/exercises mentioned in this article to be helpful —

7) You know yourself best, and if timing isn’t an issue, and you think you can be better prepared for the exam if you take it in June, my advice would be to wait. Because of how important and learnable this test is, you really owe yourself a shot at performing at your best.

Hope you find those thoughts helpful, and if you have any follow up let me know —