Reply To: Cold diagnostic LSAT score discouraging me!

December 28, 2015 at 2:19 am #1101

I am glad you found it helpful. Don’t worry too much and don’t read into the diagnostic score a lot. It is supposed to give you an idea as to how the real exam feels like. Just keep doing the trainer (and 7sage if you decide upon it). Also, a lot of us do this mistake of rushing into giving the LSAT but thats not productive at all. Keep building your fundamentals and take your time. The best time to take the LSAT is when you feel you have mastered it and there is no room for further improvement. And as you begin to take timed PT’s once you consistently hit your target score then you should be ready to take the exam. Also, don’t use any of the new PTs now. Keep them fresh for the later stages. Good luck. 🙂