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December 21, 2015 at 10:10 pm #1084

I love your lengthy answers and I deeply appreciate the time you spend in writing these replies. Thanks so much Mike. You’re the BOSS ?

I thought understanding grammar and Logic would help me see the patterns in LSAT. I totally agree with you on how “knowing the terms” doesn’t matter. What matters is your understanding. Like you say in the flaws chapter. The understanding has to be intuitive and issues in LSAT e.g. in LR¬†can simultaneously be of more than one type. Keeping a log of my errors and then finding the pattern in it to study the issues in depth will definitely be more effective. I am a perfectionist and this causes me a huge problem because I want to “understand” everything. You know what I mean! Ultimately I get so lost in things that I don’t know when to stop. But your advice will definitely help me stay on track. Thanks again!