December 21, 2015 at 10:43 am #1080
Mike Kim

Hey — great work on the test —

The negative part of getting my help is that you are going to have to listen to me repeat myself sometimes — just wanted to hop on to encourage you again to start with the easier problems and work your way up, holding  yourself up to as high a level of expectation about mastery as possible — far beyond just knowing you got the right answer, even beyond just knowing the best methods to get there, and as close as you can get to knowing that you’ll never miss that sort of question ever again — as you gain more and more mastery over the easier problems, I promise it’ll just naturally happen that “harder” questions will feel less difficult, and also happen to show up less often —

Here’s another gauge to use to try and achieve a total level of mastery — again, starting with the easiest questions, imagine yourself having to teach the question to a class — if it’s not too embarrassing for you to actually do this out loud, that’s even better — forcing yourself to put things into words often helps you see areas where your understanding isn’t quite as clear as you tell yourself it is — for LR and RC q’s, imagine having different students each be attracted to the four wrong answers — see if you can figure out what could lead them to think these answers are correct, and, based on this, what they would need to fix or improve.

Again, all this may seem a bit extreme, but it is my suggestion that, for you, the best approach at this point is to develop as much understanding and mastery as possible before moving on to getting in more drilling and pt work. Really getting to know 1 test will be way, way more valuable than practicing 10 more tests —

Good luck studying this week — Mike