Reply To: 6 Months with The Trainer

December 14, 2015 at 4:43 pm #1047
Mike Kim

Hey JD —

Glad to help and great q —

If if I were you, I would wait until you have gotten through specific instruction about each of the q types and have tried at least one go-around at drilling them — more specifically, for LR, that would be after you read the chapters on individual q types (which start in lesson 16) and go through your first assigned drill set for each type, for LG, I think your first main assessment can come after you’ve finished your first set of drills and read up through at least lesson 27 (29 if you want to wait), and for RC you can plan on assessing after going through your first set of drills and up through lesson 36 — it’s great to constantly assess yourself, as you seem to be doing, but I promise that at those later points, it’ll be much easier for you to recognize strengths and weaknesses, and you should expect to have a lot better sense, by that point, of exactly how you can overcome those weaknesses — and, assessing at that point will still give you more than enough time to get in whatever other work will suit you best —

Hope that helps and if you have any follow up don’t hesitate to reach out — MK